LivUp, a pioneering company in the Polish PRS market, brings its experience to Krakow by offering additional 78 new apartments for long-term rental. The new boutique LivUp building is located at ul. Zaczarowane Koło 2 in Bronowice, a dynamically developing and desired district of Krakow.

The first tenants have already moved in.

The latest LivUp project offers a selection of studio, one or two bedroom apartments furnished and finished to a high standard, providing new, comfortable and stylish living spaces. Each of them, depending on the floor, has a balcony or a private garden. Tenants who own motorized vehicles can choose between parking spaces in the underground garage or above ground.

“We are pleased that now in Krakow as well, we can set new benchmarks in the rental market based on our longstanding experience and passion. As with our previous projects, it was crucial for us that every interior has a unique character, providing our tenants with a genuine sense of home.” – says Roee Shamir CEO of LivUp

The interiors have been designed in cooperation with Iliard Architecture & Interior Design, an experienced company, operating internationally, with its headquarters in Krakow. LivUp’s vision was a modern and timeless project, placing emphasis on maximizing space management and implementing functional solutions.

“As a result of the close collaboration we have crafted four distinct interior styles: Delicate, Blue, Green, and Multicolor. Each style draws inspiration from nature’s diverse palette, resulting in an ambiance that harmonizes quality and coziness throughout the space,” – says Magdalena Kluba, team leader in the Interior Design Department with Iliard Architecture & Interior Design

The tenants include singles, young couples, as well as families with children, confirming that LivUp’s offer caters to individual needs.

“What our tenants value is the high standard of interior finishing, unmatched in the rental market, apartments equipped with appliances from renowned manufacturers, custom-made furniture, conglomerate worktops in the kitchen, hotel-quality mattresses and designer accessories. Each unit is functional and cozy; people are delighted from the moment they step inside,” – says Antoni Kosch, Community Manager at LivUp

The investment is planned to be equipped with additional facilities such as a fitness room and a lounge room, a space dedicated to co-working and entertainment. common areas are an inseparable element of each building that can be found in LivUp portfolio. The brand places importance on establishing relations between neighbors, thus organizes cyclical events and free yoga classes with a professional trainer as part of the unique LivUp Community program.

“We are satisfied that our first PRS project in Krakow has been received so positively and is so popular, repeating the success of our two previous projects in Warsaw. We firmly believe that the success of this investment is not only due to the unique interiors and the property’s convenient location—just a 15-minute commute from the city center, but also due to the diverse array of benefits provided by institutional rental,” says Roee Shamir, CEO of LivUp

LivUp, a pioneering leader in the Polish institutional rental market, owns and manages over 750 residential units in Warsaw and Krakow. As part of Aurec Capital, an esteemed international investment group, LivUp excels in fostering genuine connections among its tenants. The company provides an unmatched living experience, seamlessly blending contemporary comfort lifestyle, prime locations and exceptional customer service. Since its establishment, LivUp continue to shape the future of Poland’s PRS, with ambitious plans to expand its portfolio to several thousand units across the region.


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