Aurec Capital Poland is offering a new, attractive form of living. For those looking for independence, a feeling of security and privacy as well as a high level of comfort – all combined at attractive locations. This is what LivUp delivers – a brand for long-term rents with a rich offer of add-on – qualities. From this upcoming summer and forward, LivUp will offer thousands of units in Warsaw and throughout Poland.

LivUp creates a stylish and private space to relax, characterized by a modern, spacious and fully equipped interior with everything that’s needed for a comfortable life. Additionally, the brand offers a wide range of solutions for the modern lifestyle. Each project will be a closed standalone building including public space for the benefit and recreational lifestyle of its tenants. By putting lifestyle first, LivUp will create an unforgettable user experience. Numerous amenities within the building will facilitate the tenant’s lives on a day-to-day basis, some of which including fitness area, tenant’s lounge, e-commerce services, etc. 

– We’ve decided to invest here in Poland because we have identified a real need in the Polish market for such a lifestyle product, following other major capitals around the world. Aurec Capital strongly believes in the strength of the Polish economy, and as a reference started its investments in Poland 10 year ago in the residential sector. LivUp projects with their unique offer are a symbol of Aurec Capital’s deep commitment and belief in the Polish economy. Aurec Capital brings its international experience into the housing world of Warsaw. Modern lifestyle means an improvement in living standards. Nowadays, people care more and more about the place they live, and the opportunities that place will enable them and their families. With LivUp, one can live at the most desired locations and enjoy flexibility and comfort that only a strong company will be able to offer. – says Roee Shamir, Managing Director, Aurec Capital Poland and adds: – As our life changes during its course, so are our needs – from the size of the unit to its location – with LivUp one can enjoy and address those changes easily. Flexibility and freedom are in themselves values which are appreciated more and more. Part of a trending lifestyle is not to be tight up with a 30-year mortgage and invest all of your equity as initial capital for a unit which will not fit your ever-changing needs, but rather to embrace the changes, adapt and face these new opportunities. 

LivUp projects, combined with the capital city-wide offer will create the ultimate city life- experience. LivUp flexible offer, aimed to synchronize with each individual unique desire, will simplify its tenant’s life by easing some of the day-to-day tasks, so its tenants will be able to focus on more important elements of life, such as spending quality time with their loved ones or focus on their leisure time and passions.  

– We choose our investment locations very carefully. These rental flats will be available in the most attractive districts of Warsaw – green areas with the best public transport to other parts of the city, close to clubs, pubs, restaurants, theatres, cinemas and all the other attractions which the capital has to offer. The convenience and extra benefits of LivUp will offer our residents a new quality of city lifestyle. – says Roee Shamir.

LivUp’s first project in Warsaw is Jagiellońska 36 – located in Praga Północ. Magnificently restored brand-new apartment building, with almost 90 flats, accepting their first residents in the third quarter of this year.


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