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About LivUp

Today's reality obliges us to introduce changes aimed at making everyday life easier. Thus, we strive to provide our clients with solutions that meet the expectations of a better and more comfortable life.

About LivUp

We guarantee access to many innovative solutions, as well as service at the highest level.

About LivUp

We put attention to every detail while designing our units, so you and your loved ones can have the lifestyle experience you have always dreamed of. Professional customer care approach is at your disposal.

About LivUp

Let's not waste time on unnecessary words and let's meet at a joint event that will further integrate the society of residents and allow us to meet your expectations. The lounge area is the right place to spend your free time with a bit of entertainment!





We are organizing events, planning together with tenants go-outs, we are in constant contact with tenants, we listen to their needs and look for innovative solutions. Get to know our amenities:

Our tenants have access to our dedicated application, on which they can easily and quickly report an issue, find out about upcoming events, check the payment status or quickly contact us via chat!

In our investments, we provide common spaces, where tenants can relax, watch a movie on the big screen, borrow a book, drink coffee even thought exercise!

We are organizing free events together and for our tenants. What type of events? Concerts, charity donations, breakfast on the patio, movie nights and much more!

Our tenants can order online shopping anytime and direct to our special e-commerce point, then pick up after work or in other convenient time for them.

We are always available for our tenants. We are here to help, listen to our tenants needs or plan together some extra activities!




Let’s eat

Unplugged concert

Charity donation for animals